Today I’m going to show you how to learn to make a website with free web page software by telling you how you can get this coveted tool. Contrary to some popular beliefs about not having to know how to do this kind of Online function, I believe the day is fast coming when this kind of software tool will be necessary for every computer user to have.

I also believe, in countries like the U.S. (and similar western/modern nations), the day is coming when how to learn to make a website will be expected of the average person, just like the average person is expected to have a high school diploma, or GED (General Education Diploma). However, we haven’t quite reached that point yet so having this knowledge, is like having another skill for which can add value to you as a person.

Now you may be wondering what is the best way to go about attaining this new knowledge and skill… and that’s exactly what I’m about to reveal… kodulehe valmistamine

I’ve been an Internet entrepreneur for several years now and I’ve tried out many methods for building my websites. I tried private label free website site builders, using Word, Open Office, and others. At one point I was relying on my web host by using the free website builder that came with the account. However, it was woefully inadequate and ultimately they sorta fazed that out and did not support upgrades and what not and started advising that we use this free tool that I’m about to reveal to you…

Before I finally settled on one tool as my go to resource, I did quite a bit of research, even signing up at various accounts and memberships to find what I wanted. Now this may seem a little excessive to you, but once I start researching, I can go for hours, days or even weeks to get at what I want and it almost always pay off in the end, as in this case.

What I was looking for was something that would be first and foremost, easy to use. Then, it had to be relatively easy to understand the instructions. So, in other words, the instructions had to be easy and when applying those instructions, the software needed to perform without complications or me needing technical knowledge to operate it.

Well, I finally found what I was looking for in what is commonly known as a WYSIWYG editor (which stands for, What You See Is What You Get). At that time when I discovered this neat and awesome tool, NVU had been the most popular free web page software editor and builder for a long while, but it was fazing out and giving way to it’s cousin, Kompozer!

Today, Kompozer is probably the most popular free web page editor/builder available online today. It is a WYSIWYG editor so you will get to see what your website is going to look like, as you are building it. This is my personal go to tool for building and editing my own web pages. It might be free, but it is a full service professional WYSIWYG editor and in my opinion, for the money, you simply can’t beat it!