This article will expose some of the pros and cons of hiring a medical tourism company for you medical travel needs.

A medical tourism facilitator is a company or an organization that provides seamless combination of all the arrangements required for your medical tourism needs.

There are two kinds of medical tourist:
1. Medical tourists who hire medical tourism facilitators or intermediaries
2. Medical tourists who approach the providers directly for all the information and make the entire arrangements themselves.

So what are the pros and cons of going with a medical tourism facilitator?

1. One stop shop РThe convenience provided by a facilitator is un-matched. Once you decide on a facilitator, you can get variety of options and hospitals available at their disposal. Medical tourists can request information on pricing, hospitals, doctors etc. and choose the option that suits them the best. All other activities such as logistics, documentation, and travel are also taken care by them, thereby reducing you burdens. best attraction Sentosa singapore 
2. Experience and Know-how – Most of the good medical tourism facilitators have done all the legwork required to provide you with the best and most legitimate information about the service providers. To make sure your trip is as hassle free as possible, they make sure the hospitals and doctors the medical tourist chooses are properly certified. Preferably the facilitators have a process in place with the service providers to cater to their customers.
3. Savings – You can save quiet a bit by taking the bundling packages medical tourism facilitators offer. It is cheaper than going to individual service providers for their services. Also, facilitators can help you budget your expenditure due to their past experience and make you aware of the unexpected expenses.
4. Representative – They can act as your representative in hotel bookings, appointments with doctors etc. reducing your burden. Also, in any un-eventuality, having someone known in a foreign country can always come in handy.
5. Logistics arrangements – They arrange all your travel and tourism arrangements during your stay and recommend the must see tourist spots in the city/country.
6. Post-procedure follow up – Your relationship with the medical tourist facilitator does not end after your treatment. They are by your side during the postoperative phase, if you need any assistance with the service providers.
7. No language and cultural issues – Reputed medical tourism companies have facilitated many medical tourists. Even though you go with a facilitator from your country, the local representative in the visiting country most probably will be a local. Facilitators make sure that the representatives speak your language, understand your need and the cultural differences and are experienced enough to have the right processes in place to put you at ease.