People these days are more focused on earning the money. There are many options for them to earn money. Investment is one of those ways. There are mainly three major types of investment that are in the share market, mutual fund and ETFs. Share market and mutual fund investment may be known to you, so today in this article we will talk more about trade ETFs, rather than the mutual fund and share market. Today we will get to know some of the very useful info about ETFs. So let’s start.


Many people think that both mutual fund investment and ETFs are the same. However, this is not true. There are some similarities as well as some differences between them. In ETFs, you also invest in some project or company but here you don’t need to invest in any specific company. Here you just need to hand over your money to any company and the company invests in any basket( a group of some companies ) of some companies.

Way of Investment

Though there are some cases when you can find the type of active assets management here it is not the general case. In general, you can find up to more than 90 percent of cases following the way of passive assets management.

Trade ETFs have many more good effects on people. One of those good effects is tax efficiency. This tax efficiency mainly comes in two ways. In the first way, it happens in the form of the tax on selling of the ETF, which means a tax on the gain one gets after selling the ETFs. In a 2nd way, it happens in the form of capital that is distributed by funds.

In ETFs, you get the facility of a clear view of holdings.  That means if you invest in ETFs, you can get daily updates about the holdings of any specific ETFs. After getting that report, you can plan your next investment and thus you can avoid any loss in the ETFs sector.

When we compare ETF with mutual funds and the stock market, we find it very economical for us. This is so as the expense ratio in ETFs is very less as compared to the mutual fund and share market.

In our above discussion, we got to know many things about ETFs. Though this info is crucial, there are many more other things too to know especially if you are too planning to invest in ETFs. For this purpose, you may read our other articles on similar topics. Before investing, you can check other information like quote rankloser at